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Who Else Wants to Automatically Grow Their Business with the Unmatched Combined Power of the Worldwide Internet and the one and only Official Conejo Valley Website® for as little as a tax-deductible investment of just 81¢/day?*...even if they don't have their own website?

“Here’s how to quickly, easily, and affordably get a jump on your competitors.”

(Conejo Valley, CA) It’s true. Until now, there’s been a glaring “community facts & information hole” on the Internet for the some 200,000+ residents, businesses, vacationers, and other visitors and travelers (as well as potentially up to perhaps a million or more others around the world seeking the same information) hungry for just one place in the Internet where they can quickly, easily, and freely find out virtually anything and everything they want to know about our wonderful Conejo Valley.
While the clearly and obviously intuitive (could there be an any more precisely targeted—and logical--place to find information concerning the Conejo Valley?) is destined to quickly become a prime “go to” place on the web for our very popular and desirable community, it’s looking like it won’t be long either before it’s also a leading “go to” place on the web for the 1,000’s of area businesses who want a quick, easy, and affordable way to profitably remind, connect, reconnect, and “stay in touch” with both their existing—as well as plenty of brand new—customers and clients.

What All the Excitement’s about: The Surprising Yet Little-Known
Effectiveness of Dotcom (.com) Community Websites

While it’s true that a comprehensive official community website like is new to our area, they’ve actually been effectively, efficiently, and profitably bringing businesses and their customers/clients/patients—both new and repeat—together for the benefit of everyone for some years now in many other communities around the country.
While it would take up too much space to try to list them all here since there are today over 1,000 such .com community websites spread out across the US (plus some 100’s more around the world), here are six of the best known ones:

If you visit them, you’ll quickly appreciate—as each of the 100s-1,000s of businesses benefiting from their inclusion in these community websites have—the critical importance of being a part of the official Community Name .com website in which your business either is located and/or to whose residents (and/or other businesses if you sell to businesses) you’d like to take advantage of the excellent product/s and/or service/s which you provide.

While there, you’ll also want to note that (even as popular and successful as these six sites all are for those businesses wise and astute enough to have them working for them), because of the way in which they were designed and laid out, it can sometimes be difficult for visitors to find what they’re looking for.

Such is obviously not the case with, which; as you can readily see; has been carefully and painstakingly designed and constructed to be especially easy for visitors to navigate and use; including finding the products and services they want and need when they visit.

In this way, no matter what our many visitors (now over 5,000 per month and growing fast) are looking for—including you/ your businessthey can quickly and easily find it.

With, your new and repeat customers/ clients are always just one quick and easy click away from finding you and your business:

If you have one of the 56 super premium Homepage/Logo spots (Option 1 below)—click, and there your business is.

If you have one of the Featured Sponsors spots (Option 2 below)—click, and there your business is.

If you have one of the Conejo Valley Pages spots (Option 3 below)—click; and there your business is.

So no matter which of the three available advertising options you choose, it never takes more than one click for anyone to find you/your business/ company.

In fact, we’ve made it even easier for your future and current customer/clients to find you by also placing a high visibility Business Directory/ Products & Services A-Z link right in the upper right-hand corner of
In this way, visitors have not just one, but two quick and easy ways to find you and your business/ company/ professional practice here on

Trash Can Truth: Are You Settling for Throwaway Advertising?

Are you currently (or are you planning on) spending your hard-earned money on newspaper, magazine, mailers/direct mail, coupon books, and/or other print advertising? If so, you should be aware that while most types of print advertising can be helpful to at least some degree, these paper-based types of advertising; because virtually all people quickly throw them out once they’re done looking at them; are what are called throwaway advertising.

This is a major, critically important factor to consider if you want to minimize your business’ expenses while maximizing your revenue and profits.

Test this with yourself: What do you do once you’re done reading the newspaper (if you even receive one; which fewer and fewer people are doing)? After you’ve thumbed through a magazine? Looked at a money mailer, val-pak, or other coupon book or mailing you’ve received (many people—you too?—never even open these things)? Don’t you—like most everyone else--throw them all away; either in the trash or the recycle pile/bin?

That’s the very expensive and risky problem with this kind of advertising (TV and radio is even worse as they’re here and gone in mere seconds). If the people who saw your ad don’t act on it right away, it’s thrown away, gone forever. The ad you just paid your hard-earned money for is now sitting in 1,000’s of trash cans.

But not with, where your ad/business listing is fully accessible and viewable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Where whenever someone’s looking for you and/or the product/s and/or services you sell/provide…bam!…there you are, right there (here) on the Internet…on the easy-to-find, easy-to-remember

So, knowing what you know now, what makes more sense? Paying over and over and over again each and every time you want to run an ad in a newspaper, magazine, mailer/direct mail, or coupon book; just hoping that enough people will see your ad and want to do business with you to make the ad worth it’s high, repeat cost…or making a one-time, very small tax-deductible investment to have your business included right here on the Official Conejo Valley Website® ; where all your new and repeat customers can see and find your business any time of the day or night, day after day after day…all year long?

What makes more sense…throwaway, here today-gone today, trash can advertising…or always on, always available, Internet advertising on

You decide.

No Need for Your Own Website

Don’t have a website? Don’t use the Internet? No problem. We’ve set up in such a way that it generates new and repeat business for our advertisers whether or not they have their own website or use the Internet.

You see, by including your complete business contact information including company/business name, address, phone number/s, fax number, etc (see below for complete list); when people are looking for you/your business and/or the product/s and/or services you provide, it’s all right here for them to see. In addition, we also provide up to 50 words for you to describe other facts and information about you/your business (which we even help our advertisers write when desired).

So; while it’s great when you do have a website that we can link right to your from, it’s also great when you don’t. Either way, you and your business will receive plenty of new and repeat business from being included on

Some of our advertiser/businesses have websites…some don’t. generates more business for them either way.

Your Choice of Three Great Business Building Options

There are currently three excellent (and normally tax-deductible; check with your tax advisor of course) ways for astute, forward-thinking companies, businesses, and professional, law/ legal, medical/ dental, etc practices to receive, enjoy, and profit from the many current and future benefits of being part of

Business Builder Option # 1

Your first excellent option is to take advantage of the strictly limited number of exclusive, super premium positions on the Homepage (ie Amgen, Home Depot, Morsa Realty, Disneyland, Staples, etc). In order to both ensure the best user/ visitor experience possible and to maximize the value to each of our select Homepage sponsor/ advertisers, the number of Homepage positions on is strictly limited to just Fifty-Six (56).

In a community with well over 8,500 businesses (thumb through a couple of the big yellow page/ phone books and see for yourself); plus many 1,000’s more from nearby communities, the Los Angeles/ San Fernando area, other parts of Southern California, and even statewide and nationally via the Internet; that means that less than 1% of them—less than 1 in 100—will ever be able to profit from this option. 

Furthermore, and for these same two reasons (i.e. great user experience + maximized advertiser value), the number of advertisers within each designated product/ service category on the Homepage is even further strictly limited (click here for limits).

Once all the allotted spots are taken in each category…or all of the absolute total of 56 spots are taken, that’s it. The Homepage is closed; with likely few if any openings becoming available in the years to come as these savvy, astute, and forward-thinking advertisers renew their prime positions each year in order to maintain their Internet and business leadership positions for the Conejo Valley.

This is not like newspapers, magazines, yellow pages, or other print media; where another page of ad/s can always just be added to make room for more advertisers.

The end result of such ad scarcity? Any leading, qualified business that doesn’t lock up their super premium spot on the Homepage—and quicklycould be shut out of this coveted location; possibly forever.

For further information on having your company featured among the “Select 56” on the Homepage, give us a call today at 805.495.2783. If we're unavailable when you call, leave your name and best phone number, and we’ll get back to you shortly; normally by the next business day. In addition to answering your questions, we’ll also let you know whether or not any spots remain in your particular business category.

Though other advertising vehicles and “ad-mix bundles” often easily run from $50,000 to $150,000/year and more to reach the size and superb demographics of 200,000 population/ business/ visitor/ vacationer count communities like the wonderful Conejo Valley, astute advertisers won’t find any such high costs here. 

Designed for existing successful, top tier companies, businesses, and industry/ profession leaders (and those who are ready to be); the 56 scarce, ultimate visibility, instant recognition, premier Homepage positions are available for a limited time for a surprisingly modest, tax-deductible investment of as little as less than just $14/day; with a choice of either 6 month ($2750) or 12 month ($4950) prepaid terms; with a limit of one Homepage super premium ad per company/ business/ legal entity.

Should your product/service category already be full when you call, and assuming your company/ business otherwise qualifies to be on the Homepage, you may request to be included in the backup/ interest list.

Note: All super premium ad spots also include a Free concurrent $295 listing in The Conejo Valley Pages/ Business Directory (Option 3, below) to insure the absolute greatest marketplace exposure possible.

Business Builder Option # 2

Your second excellent option is to grab one of the limited-space (100 maximum advertisers; listed strictly in the order received) Featured Sponsors ; located just to the left of the The Conejo Valley Pages. With this option, your actual business/ company/ practice/ name appears directly on the home page itself, and at your option is linked directly to your own website (if you have one); or (if you don’t) is linked directly to your The Conejo Valley Pages/ Business Directory listing. Featured Sponsor positions are available for a limited time for a very affordable tax-deductible investment of less than just $2.73/day ($995) for a full one year term.

Note: Because all Featured Sponsors listings also include a Free concurrent $295 The Conejo Valley Pages/ Business Directory listing, you need only make a very modest additional investment of $700 in order to be both a Featured Sponsor and be listed in The Conejo Valley Pages/ Business Directory (Option 3, following).

Business Builder Option # 3

Your third excellent option is to take advantage of a listing in the official The Conejo Valley Pages & Business Directory Products & Services A-Z.

Available for a surprisingly modest and very affordable tax-deductible $295 (*just 81¢/day) for a full year of 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, all-year long inclusion within the one and only, available-nowhere-else, Official Conejo Valley Website®.

Business Directory listings are very comprehensive and generally include; at advertiser’s option and when applicable: One bolded company/ business/ legal entity name (which is linked right to your own website), up to two individual people’s names including their positions; one physical location including full street address with suite/ floor number, city, state, and zip code; up to two phone numbers, one fax number, up to two e-mail addresses, and one Internet address/ domain (i.e. Advertisers not using a website may include up to 50 words in their listing for further information and details concerning their business. Other/ different information considered by advertiser to be necessary for proper/ complete identification and/or contact purposes are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Sample listing:
Ventura County Star
90 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
Phone: (805) 494-0730 Fax: (805) 494-4523
President & Publisher: George H. Cogswell III
Editor & Vice President: Joe Howry

The Startling and Unheard of Unconditional 100% Money-Back
Written Guarantee the Yellow Pages, Newspapers, Magazines,
Direct Mail, Flyer, Coupon, and Internet Advertising Companies
are Scared to Death You’ll Ask Them For:

We’re putting our money where our mouth is. Just as has been the case for the 100,000+ other business owners from across the country who have been profitably advertising for years now on the 1,000+ other U.S. community websites, we’re certain that having your company here on will be one the best business decisions you have ever made.

But, we don’t want--and in fact won’t let you--take our word for it. Instead, for all of our The Conejo Valley Pages/Business Directory businesses (Option 3), we’re providing this unheard of written guarantee:

Join the growing selection of your fellow business owners here on, and if within the first six months you’re not getting the results you want (by however you decide to measure them); or if you’re unhappy about being on the community website for any other reason; or even if you just change your mind, simply give us a call at the office—805.495.2783—and we’ll promptly remove your business from and issue you a complete and total 100% refund check for every penny of the $295 you’ve invested. No discussion. No quibbling. No problem.

Consider the six months of free advertising and exposure you received as our free gift to you for at least being willing to give a try.

We couldn’t be any more fair than that.

Bottom line, fellow business owner? works for you or you don’t pay.

Simple as that.

Our iron-clad, tough-as-nails guarantee makes this a very easy, completely risk-free decision for you to try out and see for yourself just what a difference doing so can make in your business.

Just try to get this same guarantee from any other media company or website.

See what they say.

The End of Unfair Alphabetical Favorites

Plus, unlike many other advertising choices (i.e. the yellow pages), doesn’t play “alphabetical favorites.” Whichever of the three options above that you select, advertiser placements here are based strictly on what they fairly and reasonably should be: When each company/ business/ individual makes the wise decision and the investment to be included; NOT on the letters or numbers in theirs or their company’s name (ie “AA-1” this and “AAAAA” that).

We don’t move later advertisers ahead of others who were here earlier. We don’t think that’s right.

Plus; should any advertisers surprisingly decide to later not maintain their inclusion on, everyone else in the same category gets moved up. Then, should the “left” advertiser ever want to return, they have to take whatever spot is available at that time.

Our current advertisers appreciate this totally fair and unbiased approach. We’re confident you will too.

Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft (MSN) all say “Yes!” to

Even though is a brand new community website, it’s already accomplished something that the great majority of websites in the world are never able to do—many even after years of trying—gain top positions in the three most popular and important search engines in the U.S. (and most of the world) for the actual name of the community itself in which they operate; in this case: Conejo Valley.

Do a search on Google, Yahoo, and MSN for Conejo Valley and see for yourself.

While no one can predict exactly where any website appears in search results, as they can change from day to day, it’s good to know that our advertisers can normally count on being within the top 5 positions (out of 100’s of thousands of others) on Google, Yahoo, and MSN for people looking for information on the Conejo Valley.

This means that these three Internet giants all agree that is an important and authoritative resource website when folks are looking for all kinds of facts and information concerning our area.

The result of our high positions for our advertisers/sponsors?

High Positions = High Visibility

High Visibility = More Customers/Clients

More Customers/Clients = Increased Sales, Income, Profits

No one else can provide you with this kind of exposure on the Internet.


The Most Valuable Real Estate on the Internet

As more and more people look to the Internet first (and more and more often—only) for their news, facts, information—and yes; their product and service providers—you need to ask yourself this critically important question:

“How will your current and future customers, clients, patients, and future employees find out who you are . . . what you provide . . . where you are . . . and how to contact you?”

And how will they be able to do so 24 hours a day . . . 7 days a week . . . 365 days a year?

Doing so with just a few clicks of their computer mouse?

In the age of the Internet, what other advertising/marketing vehicle besides offers and provides so much, and for such a modest investment?

  • Direct mail doesn’t...
  • Newspapers don’t...
  • Yellow pages don’t...
  • Radio and TV don’t...
  • Even other websites don’t...(Can you name another Conejo Valley website? And, even more critically important to your business, your income, and your livelihood, can your existing and potential future customers and clients do so? )

The fact is, they’ll never have to remember that if they want Conejo Valley information—including about your business—they need only click to to find exactly what they’re looking for . . . including you.

Where does IBM conduct their business on the Internet? What about Amazon? Google? Yahoo? And Ford? EBay? Ventura County Star? Disneyland? Amgen? of course.

If you currently conduct business (or want to) within the Conejo Valley—any kind of business—doesn’t it just make sense to be a part of our community’s official home on the Internet…the unmatchable, unbeatable; and frankly, the obvious:

If you’re ready to start driving customers/ clients/ patients—both new and repeat—your way by having the unmatched combined power of the Internet and working in your company, business, or professional practice; and are ready to either learn more about joining the other premier advertisers on the ultra exclusive, super premium Select 56 Homepage . . . or want to grab one of the few Featured Sponsors spots . . . or are ready to quickly lock in a great position within your product and/or service category(ies) in the The Conejo Valley Pages/ Business Directory, give us a call today at: 805.495.2783.

When it’s the new and repeat business of as many of the over 200,000 residents, businesses, vacationers, and other visitors to our fine community that you’d like, could there possibly be any better way to locate and connect with them—and especially here on the Internet—than with the premier resource for the Conejo Valley:

Back in the early 1800’s, visionary, quick-moving homesteaders were able to pick up some of the most valuable real estate in the Western United States by getting there first. Much like that exciting time period, you too now have the chance to pick up your own valuable Internet real estate, namely—a prime position on the new and exciting community website.

Which, for those businesses targeting the Conejo Valley, could very well soon become . . . the most valuable real estate on the Internet.

Here’s what your fellow area business leaders would like you to know:

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for introducing me to the new ConejoValley.Com website. In preparing my business plan for 2009, I feel confident that this will give me maximum continued exposure for a truly reasonable cost.  I look forward to sharing this resource with our many customers as I encourage the support of our local businesses.  Additionally, I have already referred several of my employees to personally take advantage of this advertising opportunity.”

Kelly Theriault
VP & Manager of Operations
Fidelity National Title Co.
Westlake Village, CA
Site Listing

"Probably like many other business owners, I'm always skeptical when I hear about new advertising 'opportunities.' Seems like a month doesn't go by that we don't get pitched for yet another yellow pages book, coupon booklet, group mailings like Val-pak or MoneyMailer, some other kind of direct mailing, or radio advertising.

The three factors I like best about is that, unlike these other advertising methods, I only have to pay once for an entire year of being on the site; our listing is visible to my clients and potential new clients at any time day or night; and we're linked directly to my company's own website.

Since the cost for our business directory listing is so little (just one or two small printing orders pays for it) and they'll give us back our money upon request anytime in the first six months, I'm not risking anything by giving it a try.

In the short time since having our company listed on, we are already very satisfied with the business opportunities being on the local community website provides us with. I'm very pleased with the early results."

Bennett Kass
Newbury Park, CA
Site Listing

“When it comes to advertising and marketing, a business has many choices of how and where to spend their hard-earned money. Do I try mail outs? Test newspaper ads? Run an ad in the yellow pages? Hand out flyers? And what about the Internet; which more and more people are using to find the companies they want to work with? What’s the best way to advertise there?

While I, like many other business owners, remain uncertain of the effectiveness of the various print advertising options, one place where I knew I wanted to have my business once I heard about it was on, since they’re the community website serving the area in which I have and operate my business—the Conejo Valley. 

For me, I especially liked the idea that my business’ listing can be seen any time of the day or night by my current and future clients, and would run for an entire year. I look forward to all the new business I’m sure it will generate.

For these reasons, I’m pleased to recommend to my fellow business owners.”

Nick Dunlea
Community Representative
Merchant Services
Thousand Oaks, CA
Site Listing

“As a family owned and operated Japanese specialty restaurant, we place great importance on getting our money’s worth when and where we advertise. Since is relatively new, we carefully reviewed other successful community websites like,, and, each of which have been around for many years, to see how other business, including of course restaurants, were doing.

Based on this research, we’re confident that will prove to be an excellent tool and resource for our business, both now and in the years to come. We believe it will be so for other businesses as well.”

Owner & Master Chef
Sushi Oaks
Newbury Park, CA
Site Listing