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Homepage Product & Service Categories

Here’s the product and service categories eligible for inclusion on the exclusive, elite Homepage; with the corresponding capped number of sponsoring advertisers per category.

Note that in order to provide those of our advertisers with specialized industry/ field-specific credentials, training, and qualifications; as well as for desiring to indicate a greater degree of marketplace specialization and specificity (target marketing); with what is/are the category/ies most suitable for their business/ professional practice, you’ll find a nicely expanded and enlarged selection of categories from which to choose from in the Business Directory’s, “Products & Services A-Z.”

If you’d like to be featured on the premier Homepage but feel that your business/ company doesn’t fit into any of these Homepage categories; or that it doesn’t fit into any of the “A-Z” Directory expanded categories, you’re welcome to contact us at 805.495.2783 to discuss the possibility of adding an additional category for the Homepage and/or for the Business Directory.

Accountancies/Accountants: 2
Acupuncture: 1
Advertising: 2
Aircraft Sales/Schools: 1
Amusement/Theme Parks: 3
Apartment Complexes: 3
Appliances: 1
Architects: 2
Art: 2
Assisted Living: 1
Attorneys: 3
Auto Malls/Dealers: 4
Auto Repair: 2
Auto Parts & Supplies: 1
Auto Leasing: 1
Banks/Credit Unions/Savings & Loans/Lenders: 4
Beauty Salon: 2
Biotechnology: 2
Boat Sales: 1
Book Keeping: 1
Book Stores: 2
Bridle Shops: 2
Building/Hardware Stores: 2
Carpet/Flooring: 2
Carpet Cleaner: 1
Car Washes: 2
Caterer: 2
Cell Phone Cos: 2
Cleaning Co: 1
Childcare: 1
Chiropractors: 2
Colleges: 2
Title/Escrow Companies: 3
Computer/Software Store: 1
Computer Repair: 1
Construction/Contractors (General): 2
Convenience Stores: 2
Copier Sales/Repairs/Supplies: 1
Cosmetics (Manufacturers): 1
Day Spas: 1
Decks & Patios: 1
Delivery Services: 2
Dentists: 2
Dry Cleaners: 2
Electricians: 2
Employment Agencies: 2
Equipment Rentals: 2
Fencing Companies: 1
Florists: 2
Food Companies: 1
Furniture Stores: 2
Funeral Homes/Cemeteries: 1
Garage Doors: 1
Golf Courses: 2
Grocery Stores: 3
Hair Salons: 1
Health Clubs/Gyms/Wellness Centers/Day Spas: 2
Health Food Stores: 2
Heating & Air Conditioning Cos: 2
Hospitals: 3
Hotels/Resorts/Motels: 4
Insurance Cos/Agencies: 3
Internet: 2
Jewelry Stores: 2
Kitchen & Bath Remodeling: 2
Landscapers: 1
Limousine Services: 1
Locksmiths: 2
Mailing/Shipping/Packaging: 2
Malls/Shopping/Retail Centers: 3
Mattresses Stores: 2
Motorcycle Sales: 1
Movers: 3
Movie Rentals: 2
Movie Theaters: 3
Music/Instrument Stores: 1
DJs: 1
Nail Salons: 1
Newspapers: 2
New Home Developments/Cos: 4
Optometrists: 1
Orthodontists: 1
Office Supplies: 2
Painting Contractors: 1
Pest Control Companies: 2
Pet Stores: 2
Pharmacies: 2
Photography: 1
Physical Therapy: 1
Physicians (GPs/Specialists): 3
Plumbers: 2
Pool/Spa Contractors/Installers: 2
Printing Companies: 2
Publishing Companies: 1
Psychotherapy: 1
Publications/Periodicals: 1
Radio Stations: 2
Recreational Vehicles (RVs): 1
Restaurants: 4
Roofers: 1
Schools (Private/Public; non-college): 3
Security Companies (Home/Business): 1
Shoe Stores: 2
Shuttles & Taxis: 2
Sign Companies: 1
Skin Care: 1
Sporting Goods: 2
Stocks/Bonds: 2
Storage Facilities: 2
Swimming Pools/Spas (Contractor/Installation): 2
Tanning Salons: 1
Tax Returns: 2
Technology Companies: 2
Television Stations: 2
Telephone/Telecommunication/Cable Cos: 2
Tire Stores: 2
Toy Stores: 1
Towing Companies: 2
Travel Cos/Agencies: 3
Tree Service: 1
Veterinarians: 2
Water Extraction Co.: 1
Website Design/Creation: 1
Weight Loss/Control: 1
Windows/Doors Cos/Contractors: 1
Yoga: 1
Zoos: 2

If you total them up, you’ll see that—based strictly on the maximum allowed number of advertisers per category—over 200 advertising positions would be needed to accommodate them all. Yet; with the previously explained 56 absolute maximum number of ad spots available on the Homepage; in the majority of cases, even the small capped number of advertisers allowed per category listed above will not reached.

Which means that if you’re ready to lock in your Homepage spot (or if you still have some questions you’d like answered first), you need to move quickly to insure that you’re not shut out; possibly for some years to come, maybe forever.

Call us at 805.495.2783. If we're busy signing up other businesses or otherwise unavailable when you call, be sure to leave the best phone number for us to get back to you; normally by the next business (non-holiday Mon-Fri) day.

If the Homepage is already either category or total count full, you may if you wish be placed on our backup/ interest list to be notified should a spot ever open up in the future.