Santa Paula, CA

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Name Origin: Probably named for Saint Paula, a noble Roman matron
Incorporation Date: April 22, 1902
Population: 29,539
Size (square miles):4.61
Type of Government: General law; city manager system
ZIP Codes: 93060, 93061
Elevation (at City Hall): 274 feet
Average Annual Rainfall: 18.41 inches
Average Annual High Temperature: 74 degrees.
Average Annual low Temperature: 48 degrees.
City Hall Information:
  Address: 970 Ventura St, Santa Paula CA 93060
  Phone Number: (805) 525-4478
  Web site:
Santa Paula Chamber of Commerce
  Address: 200 North 10th Street, Santa Paula, CA 93060
  Mailing Address: PO Box 1, Santa Paula CA 93061
  Phone Number: (805) 525-5561
  Fax: (805) 525-8950
  Web site:
  Publications: Membership directory, newsletter